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Marco Perco, Cantina Roncùs - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Cantina Roncùs

My family has been cultivating this land for three generations, since in 1985 we purchased the hills behind Capriva del Friuli and some stretches in the plains: a vineyard that my grandfather Giuseppe, as a sharecropper, had been working since the post-war period. We are mostly in the Collio DOC and to a small extent in the Isonzo DOC.

Our history has its roots in the past (Roncùs is the old name of these hilly, low and wild lands) but we have objectives that look straight to the future, with the sole desire to create long-lived wines, capable of expressing this territory to the fullest.

Inside the property, the hectares of vineyards are collected in small plots: crus with unique and specific microclimate and terroir , where the landscape changes step by step, gives richness to our wines and makes them a frank expression of the territory. The marly soil gives minerality and flavor while the many aromas are the photograph of the grassy vineyards with spontaneous flora, including wild hops and butcher's broom, including chives and chamomile.

Among our vineyards, it is the old ones that best tell our story: we manage them all organically with a few essential treatments with copper and sulfur. In the cellar our work is carried out on tiptoe : it is finishing and careful to enhance, without damaging it, the precious harvest of the harvest - done by hand and with fully ripe grapes.


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