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Marco, Emanuela, Elisabetta Donati - Trentino Alto Adige

cantina marco donati
In the fascinating scenery of Trentino, our family has been growing and making grapes for five generations, trying to bring the typical Trentino varietal heritage to full expression. The wines produced are obtained only from grapes from the vineyards we cultivate and from the most suitable areas of Trentino, divided into ten plots. Each cultivar thus grows in the most appropriate terroir , where exposure and climatic conditions favor perfect maturation: harvest after harvest this ensures constant quality and typicality of the wines. The adventure began in Campo Rotaliano, in Mezzocorona, in an area devoted to the native Teroldego. Over the years we have selected different crus and studied the best terroirs for soil and climate characteristics. The vineyards today grow in the alluvial fan of the Rotaliana (historical headquarters of the company), on the hills of Trento, in the Valle dei Laghi, until reaching Vallagarina. It was a long and demanding job, faithful to the production philosophy of making wine only from directly grown grapes. An exciting bet. The winery, today, is managed by Marco Donati, his wife Emanuela and his daughter Elisabetta. Here, modern technologies meet the most ancient and wise Trentino winemaking traditions, giving life to wines that are an expression of typicality with a modern touch . The art of winemaking is entrusted to Marco, descendant of an ancient family of winemakers. The headquarters of the winery is in Mezzocorona and is one of the oldest in Trentino, present since 1863 when Luigi Donati purchased the Donati farm, together with a 15th century palace formerly owned by the Spaur Counts. The term maso indicates a well-defined farm, traditionally cultivated by a family. The central tower of the palace, together with three others in the surrounding area, was part of the defensive system of Mezzocorona. Everything is dominated by the medieval castles perched on the mountain, to which the legend of the dragon is connected. It is interesting that even before the Spaur Counts these vineyards were considered of great value, and the wines made from them were the privilege of the most refined tables. Our family has one hundred and fifty harvests behind us, and the collection of bottles preserved in the vault tells the story of a part of the wine culture. Our company has become a point of reference for the Trentino winemaking tradition, always committed to enhancing a quality viticultural heritage. A vine to which we are historically linked is Teroldego, an indigenous vine with which the legendary "Teroldego Sangue di Drago" is produced. For this cru we select the best grapes, from vines as old as 90 years old, still planted by great-grandfather Marco, who dreamed that great quality wines would be produced with those vines. Today he would be proud to see the joy of those who, by uncorking the precious bottles, make the magic of a dream come true their own.

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