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Maixei - Liguria

It's simple, the history of our cellar. It is the story of a cooperative that was founded in 1978 to bring together the producers of Rossese di Dolceacqua wine scattered throughout the area but also of other agricultural products, because in this western part of Liguria the farmers work minimal land, small plots of land torn from the hills. After the methanol wine scandal, in the mid-eighties, small producers began to have great difficulty selling their wine and the cooperative began an action to support small producers by creating a real commercial network they could count on . We responded to the wine boom by accepting the challenge of quality, creating the Maixei brand in 2007, which derives its name from the dialect term used to indicate dry stone walls, typical of the Ligurian territory. Since then we have changed direction, moving from bringing together a group of people for whom wine was essentially a hobby to creating wine with demanding quality standards. This process was favored by the help of great winemakers. With the quality, the recognitions have also grown for Maixei... Today Rossese di Dolceacqua is a trendy wine but only 6 or 7 years ago it was not like that at all: in past years, many producers were in difficulty and the cooperative played above all a social role, of preserving a fragile territory, helping them to keep the vineyards alive. Together with the quality of our wines, it is the aspect we are most proud of today. Maixei, winemakers from western Liguria

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