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Monticino Rosso - Emilia Romagna

Monticino Rosso

Ours is a family-run farm, founded by our father in 1965. Since then, we have been cultivating our vineyards and orchards on the hills of Imola.

We have always produced wine in an artisanal way, respecting tradition and with extreme attention to quality. We focus above all on native vines (Albana, Pignoletto and Sangiovese di Romagna) because we believe in the potential of the territory.

The landscape around Monticino Rosso is dominated by vineyards that climb the slopes , drawing a landscape with soft shapes, caressed by a fresh breeze that keeps the grapes healthy.

In 2000 we moved the winemaking cellar to the “Monticino Rosso” farm, to a new and more equipped structure, to pursue our quality objectives even better: the new cellar is our pride, the declaration of love for our land . We conceived it as a "house of wine", to optimize the transformation phases of our grapes and to welcome visitors who want to discover how the wine of this area is born.

Luciano and Gianni Zeoli

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