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Azienda Marta Valpiani

I am Elisa, an artisan and independent winemaker in the land of Romagna Sangiovese. I produce wine together with my mother Marta, and my brother Massimo, in Castrocaro Terme. The farm was born on the Bagnolo hill in Castrocaro Terme, on 34 hectares of property, all organically run as well as biodynamic. The lands are located between 250 and 300 meters above sea level

We like to say that we are first of all farmers and then winemakers and that we cultivate biodiversity; in equal measure we have vineyards and meadows cultivated with fodder and cereals, then forests and centenary olive trees.

Producing wine, here at Marta Valpiani, means above all persevering: there is, in fact, a constant desire to achieve the best possible quality, without gimmicks, by working hard.

The harvesting is exclusively manual, so the selection is made directly in the vineyard by the harvesters; the bunches are then placed in small 5 quintal bins half filled which quickly arrive in the cellar.

Our cellar was built in 2004. It is small, simple and functional . Built respecting the hill, two thirds of the building are underground and this guarantees constant low temperatures and humidity all year round.

By our choice, the cellar technology is very limited . The fermentations take place in small six quintal vats, in concrete tanks or in truncated conical wooden vats, without temperature control, to ensure that the progress of the fermentations is as spontaneous as it is natural.

Marta Valpiani is this: simplicity and tradition, respect for the vintage and the grape variety . For us making wine is not a simple question of techniques or method, for us making wine is living in intimate association with our vineyards , it is listening and understanding, an individual/nature duality, in which we try to accompany the wine in a responsible way , without forcing, remaining discreet but always present.

Our idea of ​​wine speaks of lightheartedness and elegance: we want our wines to tell of land, air and life in complete freedom .

Elisa Mazzavillani

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