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Marabino - Sicily


Our work in cultivation and winemaking is the expression of the territory and the profound culture of the Val di Noto.

Our company is located in south-eastern Sicily, in the Buonivini district, in the heart of the Noto valley (at a latitude further south than Tunis). The microclimate is very sweet from autumn to spring and in summer it becomes hot and arid, with average temperatures among the highest on the island: this is the sunniest area in Europe, where the sky is always crystal clear .

We cultivate 30 hectares of vineyards, on the low hills. The soils - predominantly calcareous clayey - have particular pedological variations and colors ranging from calcareous white to clayey black, with an excellent supply of mineral elements.

With the help of a dynamic and totally "native" team, we cultivate vineyards, orchards and olive groves with organic and biodynamic agriculture. The well-ripe grapes are selected and harvested by hand, they ferment spontaneously with indigenous yeasts, without any use of products or additives. Our mission is to fully support the events of nature , respecting the balance of this habitat, to produce wines without synthetic chemicals either in the vineyard or in the cellar. Thus, we create wines that are an expression of the territory where they are born.

We chose the biodynamic method to take even more care of our land and man: what lives needs what is alive . When the vine is placed in perfect balance with its ecosystem it is able to reciprocate with magnificent fruits, an expression of a unique and ancient territory.

Through a mass selection from the oldest vineyards in the Pachino area we have identified different biotypes of Nero d'Avola; Furthermore, native varieties such as white Moscato have been replanted, from which a wine of very ancient origins is born, this one offered in selection.

The vineyards and cellar all fall in the "Buonivini district": the vineyards extend around a hill, with depressions, slopes, different exposures and uneven colors of the soil. This is why we parcel out every single vineyard. From just one district we offer an idea of ​​"cru" and from each vineyard its own wine .

Pierpaolo Messina

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