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Cosimo Maria Masini - Tuscany

Cosimo Maria Masini - Toscana

I am Maria Paoletti Masini from Tenuta di Poggio, and I like to present our winery “Cosimo Maria Masini Passione Biodinamica!” because Biodynamics is the underlying theme of the short but exciting history of the winery. We purchased Tenuta di Poggio in 2000 to share a dream: making good wine while respecting nature.

Our vineyards are located on a hill, in the heart of Tuscany, in front of the ancient village of San Miniato, land of wine and white truffles. Knowing the territory, acquiring the sensitivity necessary to understand the biological rhythms of nature, understanding which energies come into play between the earth, plants and man: this is what our work consists of.

We have chosen to manage the land by combining quality, sustainability and efficiency, applying the Biodynamic method in our vineyards. Continuing this philosophy in the cellar we do not use selected yeasts or chemical additives. Therefore: working in contact with our plants, observing carefully to interpret the messages that nature sends us, developing our sensitivity, respecting nature, behaving towards it with humility... this is what making wine is for us, this is today the point from which to start to continue the path started. On our journey we were accompanied by expert and sensitive oenologists and agronomists, passionate connoisseurs of Biodynamics . Francesco de Filippis , in partnership with us for almost 10 years, has made a fundamental contribution to obtaining excellent wines, of which we are very proud, and has sown the seed of biodynamic passion in his collaborators .

My partner Francesco looking with loving attention at the bunches of grapes on the vine

We produce 9 labels, of which Daphné and Sincero are presented in this selection.

Daphné is the result of long research work on the maceration of grapes, to get the best from Trebbiano and Malvasia Bianca (macerate five days on the skins, in open tanks, at room temperature, with manual punching down several times a day) and obtain a complex and persistent wine, unforgettable in association with white truffle.

Sincero is the result of a careful selection of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes from our vineyards facing south-west: an excellent drinkable red wine, which expresses a delicate scent of violet, rose and ripe cherry on the nose; full and round, with well-present but not invasive tannins, it pairs perfectly with traditional Tuscan dishes, and in particular with cured meats and red meats.

Maria Paoletti Masini

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