Ancarani - Emilia Romagna

ancarani vini

We are independent winemakers in Romagna on the hills of Oriolo dei Fichi, near Faenza; our vineyards extend for approximately 14 hectares on a hill (150 meters above sea level) overlooking the sea from the Oriolo Tower. Less than 20 km as the crow flies we are from the sea, and behind us are the woods of the Romagna Apennines.

The vineyards grow on a soil composed mainly of Pleistocene sands, with a beautiful golden color: hence the Latin name "Aureolum" which later became Oriolo; this precious sand mixed with silt, clay, limestone and fossils is locally called "marzana" and is one of the characteristics that has the greatest impact on the ripening of the grapes and consequently on the wine.

We grow Albana, Sangiovese, Centesimino, Famoso, Trebbiano and Pagadebit because we enjoy native vines and because we believe in the biodiversity of our territory.

Certified organic, in the vineyard we use copper, sulfur and biodynamic preparations and in the cellar we try to respect the grape variety and vintage as much as possible by bottling wines that have an identity in which we recognize ourselves

What binds us to the countryside, the relationship between us and the grapes that will become wine, is a controversial, strong and doubtful love, and like all visceral loves it is beautiful because it pushes us to accept the other for what he is, without forcing but with attention and curiosity.

Rita and Claudio Ancarani

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