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Luisella Benedetti, Ancilla - Veneto

Luisella Benedetti - Azienda Ancilla

The land is the history that my family has handed down to me and I have the duty to preserve it for my son and the generations to come. Sustainability and love are principles that guide my work.

Luisella Benedetti

A courageous woman, when she chooses to abandon finance and follow the call of her land Luisella Benedetti listens to her feminine intuition and returns to the family business, honoring the women who preceded her: her grandmother Ancilla (to whom the company is dedicated ) and his mother Maria Teresa.

With the same energy as her grandmother, Luisella carries on her dream, starting from where every winemaker begins: " pulling tubes, decanting, cleaning tanks, preparing yeast cuvées, supervising fermentations, following bottling.

Luisella's company has two souls: Tenuta Cadellora and Tenuta La Ghidina . In the latter, the 6 hectares of vineyards are cared for in a traditional way, with the use of integrated pest management.

Ancilla's wines reflect all the passion for the land of the women who created them and who continue to carry forward that young dream every day.

From the "Ancilla" winery we have selected:

  • Ella Lugana DOC
  • Ghidina Lugana DOC

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