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Silvia, Alberto and Veronica, Le Colture - Veneto

Silvia, Alberto e Veronica, cantina Le Colture
Le Colture is a company that embodies what it means to live and cultivate in Valdobbiadene. With 40 hectares of property, ours is a reality rooted in the territory (since 1983), but what characterizes us most is that we are a family committed every year to enhancing the Prosecco Superiore di Valdobbiadene DOCG Cesare Ruggeri , our father, is the mind - energetic and intuitive - the true "vigneron" of Le Colture . At the end of the 80s he understood that Prosecco Superiore had potential and great strength, so he decided to renew that small peasant reality of a few dairy cows. Since the 90s he began purchasing some land to grow Le Colture, both as a company with a complete production chain and, above all, so that it can be self-sufficient with its own grapes. Prosecco Superiore is an immediate wine, and over the years our aim has always remained to bring home healthy grapes which we follow in their growth day after day . Each of us is a participant in this reality: from our mother Bianca, the pillar of this company, to our father (who is rare to see in the office, his passion is the land!) and finally us children: Silvia, Alberto and Veronica . Today with our sparkling wines we communicate our life, our land and our history , and we want to make this territory known, enhanced by energetic bubbles. Silvia, Alberto and Veronica
The company is located in Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene, a small village nestled among the vineyards of the Prosecco hills. Le Colture is based here, and has been run by the same family since the sixteenth century. In 1983 Cesare Ruggeri started the sparkling wine business, and today he is the custodian of an extraordinary wealth of experience, made up of small and large production secrets, which range from knowledge of the territory and its grapes, to the innate sensitivity for the health of the vineyard . All members of the family have the same light in their eyes when they talk about their wines . Cesare's three children - Silvia, Alberto and Veronica - are fully engaged in the company, where they have brought a breath of enthusiasm and the innovative breath typical of the young generations, without ever forgetting the love for their land and the respect for traditions. In the May wine boxes we have selected two wines: Sylvoz and Rive di Santo Stefano Brut “Gerardo”.

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