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Gino Zorzettig, La Sclusa - Friuli Venezia Giulia

La Sclusa

On The company is located in the hills of Spessa, south of Cividale, in the heart of Friuli Agricola La Sclusa.

Our vineyards have their roots in the marly soils typical of the Colli Orientali del Friuli, which have always been synonymous with excellent wines , by natural vocation. Here our family, the Zorzettig della Sclusa (a curious nickname that originates from a place located downstream from the company) dedicates itself with passion to the cultivation of the vine, combining tradition, experience and modern winemaking techniques, to produce excellent wines from grapes prized, unmistakable for their flavors and richness of aromas.

I started to dedicate myself to the company in 1971, until then run by my father "Tita" (for all “Tramuntin”). At the beginning, wine production was reserved for a few customers who are still loyal to us today. With the collaboration of my children - Germano, Maurizio and Luciano - the conversion of the company began in the 1980s with the construction of the new cellar, spacious and functional, and the installation of new vineyards. We recently made accommodation available agritourism.

We prefer especially the native whites because we want to make the most of the vocation of this territory and we have received numerous awards for the quality of our wines (prominent they are Friulano, Ribolla Gialla and Picolit).

Let's work with a profound awareness of the characteristics of each of our lives, for enhance the peculiarities of each wine and restore the most of them sensations that each variety offers.

We join a project for the use of products with low corporate impact, to defend the integrity of the territory and to safeguard the consumer . Moreover, family management, the rationalization of all operations, the use of essential packaging, allow us to respect the environment and contain prices to pass these savings on to the quality of our wines , for the satisfaction of our customers.

Gino Zorzettig with Germano, Maurizio and Luciano

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