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Il Palagione - Tuscany

Il Palagione

We wanted to be artisans: produce and shape a living material. We wanted to live according to the rhythms of the universe, accepting the quiet winter melancholy and then enjoying the explosion of nature in spring.

The Palagione is an ancient farm built in the sixteenth century along the road that connects San Gimignano to Volterra. The old farmhouse, on the top of the hill, retains its characteristics of rural architecture unchanged and, until the middle of the last century, still hosted the peasant families who worked the surrounding fields.

Chasing a dream, in 1995 we decided to purchase the property to bring such a significant agricultural reality back to life. In a short time, we renovate the old farmhouse and replant the vineyards; then the cellar is built, equipped with the most modern equipment for the respectful and delicate processing of the grapes, creating an underground barrel cellar which guarantees the best conservation of the wines and balanced refinement. In 2014 we purchased other vineyards in the Montagnana area and reached a land area of ​​approximately 50 hectares (17 intended for specialized vineyards, 3 for olive groves, 7 for walnut and cherry groves; the remainder for arable land and forest). Today we know the specific characteristics of each of our vineyards, grown organically and cared for according to a zoning that enhances the micro-terroirs of each individual plot. We harvest the grapes by hand, only after a careful study of the ripeness and repeated tastings: bringing them to the cellar at the most appropriate time is the first step for spontaneous fermentations capable of enhancing the typicality of our wines.

We did all this because we felt the desire to be, to think, to live with archaic gestures, such as pruning : you cut thinking about the next production, you collect the wood, let it dry and then burn it, cooking on it and heating the old farmhouse.

We wanted to be physically tired and intellectually happy , intent on a project that did not immediately want to see the fruit of one's choice but that was moved forward, with the times of nature.

We wanted to give our children the opportunity to make a conscious and different choice, without conditioning : they already knew the face of the industrial world. And having always loved wine, history and art, we couldn't have chosen a better place than Tuscany.

Monica and Giorgio, with Giulia, Gregorio, Gabrio and Ginevra

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