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Michelangelo Tombacco, The Magredi - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Michelagnelo Tombacco I Magredi

The foundation of the company dates back to 1968, when Otello Tombacco - my father - purchased the property where he began cultivating vineyards and fruit trees.

In 1989 it was my ambition to bring about a radical change with the planting of only vineyards; in 1990 we built the first cellar, which was then renovated and expanded several times over the years. I Magredi is also the name of the area of ​​the western Friulian plain in which the company is located, one of the last examples of steppe landscape.

Our vineyards have their roots in alluvial soil rich in stones and pebbles from the Carnic Prealps, in this portion of Friuli Venezia Giulia which is the heart of the DOC Friuli Grave. The permeability of the soil ensures that the water and nutritional elements descend deeply: the thinness of the soil and the temperature variations therefore allow us to obtain grapes of great aromatic complexity and freshness. All this gives us fine and elegant wines .

Environmental sustainability distinguishes our production chain, from the vineyard to the cellar: half of the company surface is covered by forest, which allows the maintenance of a rich and varied ecosystem.

For us , a land can never be completely owned , it can be nobly taken care of and preserved to pass it down to generations to come.

Michelangelo Tombacco

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