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16 hectares cultivated between Quart and Saint Christophe; 50 years of passion that we have dedicated to mountain wine: these are the numbers, but it is our story, that of Grosjean, that we want to tell you, from the 18th century to the present day.

At the end of the eighteenth century the maternal grandparents of the Grosjean family came down to Aosta from Fornet, a small village in Valgrisenche, to stock up on chestnuts and wine; wine then was not only a symbol of hospitality, but also a medicine and a noble nourishment. Difficult years and years followed for mountain wines, due to a "little ice age", wars and phylloxera, but the turning point came in 1968 thanks to the " I Exposition des Vins du Val d'Aosta " which convinced grandfather Dauphin Grosjean to bottle his own wine to sell at the fair.

In the following years he involved all five sons in the production: Vincent, Giorgio, Marco, Fernando and Eraldo, each responsible for a specific sector.

Valle d'Aosta winery

The first turning point came in 2000, when we built a new cellar to accommodate the increasingly rich and abundant harvests, while in 2011 we converted to organic, the first and only in the entire Aosta Valley. In 2015, further modernization work allowed our company to grow further and accommodate all the bottles we produce.

We are here today: Hervé, Simon, Didier Grosjean and their son-in-law Marco. We are the third generation of Grosjeans and, together with our uncles Fernando and Eraldo Grosjean, we want to build something more beautiful and even healthier, to give concreteness and continuity to this winery that works with the land and its fruits.

Grosjean family

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