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Giuseppino Anfossi, Ghiomo - Piedmont

Giuseppino Anfossi
Our cellar is in Guarene, on the border of Roero. This is a generous land, whose fruits are today also appreciated abroad: this is very beautiful, as long as we do not forget our peasant roots of which we are proud. My family has always been farmers, since 1999 I have been able to choose what to do when I grow up and I decided to make wine with my own concept . I inherited from my grandfather Mario a visceral passion for the territory and from my father the respect for time and nature. I also fought with him at the beginning: it wasn't at all easy to convince him to give up half the grapes... but maybe I took it out of tiredness and in the end he resigned... In the 10 hectares of property we produce up to 40,000 bottles a year, but only in the best seasons, because in the less suitable years our production drops and if our two children want to do this job they will have to learn to be very flexible because there will never be a It's a vintage like any other, but that's what makes producing and drinking a glass of wine so exciting! We export a lot of our production, but only through small well-known distributors, because those who offer our wines must know our history, thus managing to convey as much as possible what we feel in producing it, they must know that we respect meticulous procedures: with us, the the harvest is deferred (i.e. we only collect the perfectly ripe bunches), the punching down is manual, in the cellar, with a hoe. They call me crazy, but that sweat is priceless... I like to think that around a glass of our wine we meet new and old friends and that in those moments those people share with us the sensations we feel when making it and tasting it. Josephine

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