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Antonio and Salvino Benanti - Sicily

La famiglia Benanti
Benanti was born in 1988 thanks to the commitment and passion of the Cavaliere del Lavoro Giuseppe Benanti, our father. It is he who mends the thread of the ancient family passion begun by his grandfather at the end of the nineteenth century and who purchased various vineyards highly suited to quality production on several sides of Etna. Our vineyards were already planted with Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio and Carricante - the typical vines of the volcano - and our father decided to focus everything on these varieties, over time becoming one of the main ambassadors in Italy and in the world. When we two brothers took over the property we kept the company philosophy intact, which is to enhance the richness of the Etna vines and the entire volcanic environment, producing fine and elegant wines that enhance the different typical features of the districts present on the three slopes of the Etna DOC, different from each other in terms of vocation, altitude, sun exposure and ventilation. Our company and our wines have won and continue to win many awards: among the awards, the "Italian Winery of the Year" (Gambero Rosso, 2007) and "Top 100 Winery in the USA" (Wine&Spirits Magazine, 2012) as well as the eleven “Tre Bicchieri” Gambero Rosso awards, which make Benanti the most awarded winery on Etna. Antonio and Salvino Benanti

The story of Benanti begins, out of pure passion , at the end of the nineteenth century: the founder Giuseppe was among the first to understand the vocation of the land around Etna for vines. The baton was recovered by his nephew, who bears his name, and today Benanti is led by his sons, Antonio and Salvino.

Although this is by no means an easy viticulture (you have to climb steep slopes!), in 1988, in fact, a renewed passion for native vines and volcanic soil resulted in the birth of the winery we know today, among the most capable of interpreting that terroir .

In addition to the other varieties, the 24 hectares of vineyard are dominated by Nerello Mascalese and Carricante.

Antonio and Salvino were infected by their great-grandfather's passion but they also knew how to go further and today produce truly excellent wines. Wines that are not easily forgotten.

In the June wine boxes we have selected two great Benanti wines: Etna Bianco and Noblesse .

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