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Giovanni and Fernando Calò - Puglia

Giovanni e Fernando Calò - Puglia

Our company is located in Tuglie: it is here that our father taught us to grow grapes and to accompany only the most beautiful bunches to the cellar.

From him we also inherited the love for this profession, so ancient and so modern , in which one must know how to combine the best traditions with new knowledge and put together the best of what one has cultivated. Only in this way can an excellent product be brought to the table.

Our vineyards grow in different soils (between Tuglie, Alezio, Parabita and Sannicola) which provide to the wines incredibly varied nuances. Salento is a land of encounters between East and West, full of history, perfumes, sun, flowers and colors. Wines with great personality are born here, capable of telling a whole story the richness of a land.

Rosé is the center and heart of our work : it is our main wine and we produce it with an ancient technique, called "tear", without any mechanical action. This It consists in using only the best must and derives its name from the fact of have a very low yield, to the point of making you cry.

Our Rosés they refine for a long time, even for 10 years, and what we obtain is a distinctly distinctive product gastronomic, far from fashion and of extreme - satisfying - substance.

We also learned the art of making pink wine from our father , who had made that art a philosophy of life. Our Cerasa and all our work is dedicated to him.

Giovanni and Fernando Calò

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