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Giovanni Chiaramonte, Baglio di Pianetto - Sicily

Baglio di pianetto

Our story starts from a bottle given to Count Paolo Marzotto to arrive, in 1997, in the innovative Sicilian company that it is today.

The choice of the two production sites was dictated by the search for the highest quality : the one in Pianetto is located in the north-west, 650 meters above sea level, and is characterized by soil rich in silicon, the other is located in the south-east, in Noto, 50 meters above the sea with chalky territory.

The Pianetto area is similar to the French Rhône, with high hills that mitigate the winds , and a very large temperature range between day and night . This favors the development of white grapes (inzolia, grillo, catarratto, viognier...), which gives great acidity.

The Noto site, however, is in an extraordinary area for nero d'avola , but we also produce sensational syrah and the inevitable Moscato di Noto, which we vinify by drying on the vine.

Today Baglio di Pianetto is a 20-year-old winery, which thrives on many small ones large activities: from tending the vineyard to precision work in the cellar, up to the heart of the company, the barrel cellar, the place where the wines reach the qualitative peak. The cellar is an example of tradition and technology together, in delicate balance: it is built on four levels, it exploits verticality of winemaking processes without the use of pumps that would stress the grapes.

All this in the context of a Sicily that is both new and ancient, told with elegance.

Giovanni Chiaramonte

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