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Gianni Bianco, The Ballerina - Piedmont

Gianni Bianco, La Ballerina - Piemonte

If you think about it, it wasn't me who chose the vine, but it was the opposite. Initially I was not very attracted to viticulture, even though my family has been dedicated to the cultivation of vines and the production of wine for generations.

I had my first work experiences in different fields, determined to abandon my roots, but at a certain point I had the feeling that the warmth that had enveloped my life up until then was getting lost in the routine, that I was moving away from home, losing all my affections. I returned, with a different awareness and what I am now, the attention I pay to my wines, to every single vine plant, the desire to always do better, followed the call of home, home understood as an interior place, the place where my family, day after day, sowed love for the land.
I started my business starting from this point, accompanied by an inexhaustible desire to know and experiment, and the care with which I take care of my vineyards and wine every day is the same as that given to a child. In my opinion, quality lies in the individual, even before the product; it is dedication to work, it is not following fashions in favor of an honest product, which embodies the characteristics of the land in which it is born.
Gianni Bianco, The Ballerina

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