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Francesco Cirelli - Abruzzo

Francesco Cirelli
While I make wine I imagine I am preparing a magic potion : an antidote to sadness, a balm for old wounds, a drink that does not make us forget but forgive. My message of unconditional love . My first memory of the countryside dates back to when I was little. My maternal grandparents, Giovina and Attilio, took me to the land they had left behind when they moved to the city. I still remember my grandmother cooking me a fresh egg, my grandfather putting a chick in my hands, me dreaming of traveling through the fields. Since then, the countryside has become for me (as for my paternal grandfather whose name I bear) a place of authentic affection , of serenity, of tenderness. And so it is that in 2003, thanks to the fundamental support of my parents, the campaign became an important part of my existence, and today this adventure continues alongside my wife Michela. WINE IN AMPHORA The history between wine and terracotta amphorae does not begin with us: the Greeks, the Romans and even before them the Caucasians 7000 years ago transported and preserved wine in amphorae, which are ideal for slow and constant oxygenation. We refer to the wisdom of the ancients to build the future : the objective is to offer wines that are products of culture and deep attachment to the territory. And our amphorae are the wise guardians of our wine and our work. We work to bring excellent grapes to the cellar every year so as to intervene as little as possible on the raw material. There is little equipment available, but a lot of passion and effort , working with terracotta jars. For the duration of fermentation, maceration and refinement we do not rely on pre-established technicalities: everything is dictated by the particularity of the vintage and the experience gained from year to year. We work hard to maintain the highest quality at every stage, so as to obtain the best wine, an expression of the territory and its specificities. The harvest is manual, as is the selection of the grapes, and our wines tell of our passion. THE CIRELLI AGRICULTURAL COMPANY The sea is 8 km from our farm. All around, hills, vineyards and olive groves draw original paths in the landscape of Atri, in an Abruzzo suspended in time and space. All our production revolves around respect for natural cycles, the vine and the land: nature dictates the rules and is the principle of every activity. The rotation of crops allows the soil to rest and regenerate nutrients while the action of animals guarantees herbicide and fertilizing effects without having to resort to harmful chemical substances. Today, walking between the rows, surrounded by beauty, I turn around. In that moment, looking at the vineyards one by one, I truly feel at the center . Francis

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