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Francesca Genovese - Mazzolada agricultural company - Veneto

Francesca Genovese Mazzolada
The Mazzolada Agricultural Company is located in Eastern Veneto within the Lison di Pramaggiore wine-growing area, one of the most renowned areas for the production of DOC wines, nestled between the mountain slopes, the Adriatic Sea and the Venice Lagoon. The landscape here is still uncontaminated : tree-lined streets, temperate climate, industrious tranquility are the backdrop to the vineyards, which we follow with passion and loving attention, to obtain a genuine product. Tradition and innovation come together in Mazzolada: careful selection of the vineyards and valorisation of the typical wines of this area go together with the most advanced cultivation and winemaking techniques. For me, then, the passion for fine wines is intertwined with the love for the environment: an over 250 year old ash tree grows on the farm, we have recreated a fishing hut typical of these areas and near the cabernet vineyard sauvignon have established some beautiful falcons. Francesca Genovese
The Mazzolada estate grows its vines within the Lison-Pramaggiore DOC denomination. Most of it is newly planted, with a density between 3,500 and 4,500 per hectare: not extreme, respecting the plants. Password: respect for traditions , with the help of cutting-edge techniques and equipment, such as soft pressing, controlled temperature in winemaking and aging in barriques . The essentially clay-limestone soils give fruity and fresh wines, white and red, with interesting vinifications also of sparkling wines, from non-traditional vines, which we discover in the selection. In the July wine boxes we have selected the Lison Classico DOCG and the Rosé Spumante Extra Dry .

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