Zerbina Farm - Emilia Romagna

Fattoria Zerbina

The history of Fattoria Zerbina began in 1966 thanks to my grandfather: an open-minded man who wanted to make Sangiovese a champion of Romagna .

The historical turning point occurred in 1987 when, after studying in France, I joined my family in a perhaps a little crazy but great project, that of redeeming the quality of two native vines, Sangiovese and Albana , to also make Romagna a reference of absolute quality.

With Sangiovese we work through a great interpreter which is the sapling, on the Albana front (the first white DOCG in Italy, since 1987) we adopt the noble rot as an enhancer of its hidden qualities, to completely overturn the perception of this vine . A wine is therefore born that nobly exalts this vine: Scaccomatto , today an icon among Italian dessert wines.

Tergeno was born from the curiosity to delve deeper into the relationship between the Albana vine and Botrytis cinerea with expressive gradualities of development, in intermediate phases, to arrive at the extreme wines, the dessert wines. Lastly, the dry Albana project, the Bianco di Ceparano , in which we find the Albana alone expressing its potential only with the aid of a few simple vineyard management techniques which enhance its maximum freshness and its noble precursors of aromas.

All our grapes come from organically managed vineyards. We believe in respecting the environment and our vineyards to restore the land's balance and we do this through always thoughtful management choices.

Cristina Geminiani


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