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Sardi Farm - Tuscany

Fattoria Sardi Matteo e Mina

The farm is located in the north-west of Tuscany, in the countryside nestled between the Apuan Alps, the Apennines and the Tyrrhenian Sea, 5 km from the walls of Lucca. It develops between two rivers: the Freddana and the Serchio. In the plains the soils are loose, silty-sandy with the presence of pebbles; on the hills they become more clayey with a good skeleton. The exposure goes from south-east to south-west.

The proximity to the sea ensures a large amount of light and constant ventilation. The mountains guarantee a supply of water and cool nights even in summer. The farm includes woods, arable fields, olive groves and 18 hectares of biodynamically cultivated vineyards.

I inherited the Sardi Farm from my grandmother Maria Adelaide, and today I am the custodian of these lands - property of the Sardi Counts for over two centuries - together with my wife Mina . We both have degrees in oenology from Bordeaux.

Since 1926 the farm has been recognized for the production of fine and local wines. Since 2006 we have been producing grapes from integrated agriculture and since 2011 certified organic and biodynamic grapes, focusing on the production of high quality Rosé.

We manage the countryside respecting nature in its rhythms , its harmony and its balance for the production of terroir wines, and in some years we also market olive oil. In the production of agricultural products we respect the European regulations for organic agriculture and make use of the tools of biodynamic agriculture.

We spontaneously but carefully accompany the transformation of the grapes into wine without unnecessary additions of external products: this is how Fattoria Sardi wines are born.

Matteo and Mina Giustiniani

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