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Fabio Ferracane - Sicily

Fabio Sicilia

I am Fabio Ferracane and the wine I produce aims to be the maximum expression of the Marsala area. It expresses my deep passion for slow cultivation and is authentic: it tells of the sea breezes, the spectacular reflections of the salt pans and the warm sun of the Egadi Islands, in the far east of Sicily. I am convinced that wine is not a question of chemistry but of territorial identity.

The love story between me and wine began when I was a child, when my father inherited a few hectares of vineyards from his grandfather in the nineties. As a child, I helped him produce the few bottles produced for our family's use. I therefore decided to study oenology and viticulture, working in various wineries and also gaining experience abroad.

Today I grow 5 hectares of vineyards , in the breathtaking context of the islands of the Stagnone di Marsala. Here, I grow the Cataratto, Grillo, Nero d'Avola and Merlot varieties, always faithful to my philosophy: we start from the vineyard, move to the cellar and arrive in the bottle with the compass of maximum quality. This is why I carefully select the grapes and reduce treatments in the vineyard to a minimum. I only use a very small quantity of sulphites and only on some wines, so that the fermentations occur as spontaneously as possible in the pre-bottling phase.

Every year a new journey begins for us, made of work, passion, dedication but also of new choices, because I am convinced that winemaking is not an exact science but a process of continuous improvement. What is certain - as a winemaker that I am - is that I will continue to take care of and cultivate my vineyard in the most natural way possible, respecting the tradition and the territory that I love.

Fabio Ferracane

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