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Erminia and Rocco D'Angelo - Basilicata

Erminia e Rocco d'Angelo - Basilicata
We grew up among the vines and from an early age we cultivated a passion for wine. Soon life led us to join the family business, after the premature death of our father. Founded by our great-grandfather Donato, La Casa Vinicola D'Angelo was born in Rionero in Vulture (in the south of Basilicata) around the 1920s. It was with our grandfather Rocco that the company began to process its own grapes and produce wine with its own brand labels. We owe it to our father Lucio to have brought Aglianico del Vulture to great levels, making it truly known throughout the world. Today we two brothers take care of it in a complementary way, together with the help of our mother: one (31 years old) as a winemaker, the other (32 years old) for the promotion and commercial aspects. Both of us, however, personally follow all the phases of the "birth" of our wine, precisely because Aglianico flows in our veins! A dream? We want to create a museum of Aglianico del Vulture. Erminia and Rocco D'Angelo

The D'Angelo winery was among the first to make its own wine, after 50 years of activity, when in 1971 the DOC Aglianico del Vulture (also known as the Barolo of the South) was recognized. Producing this wine is not like pulling a rabbit out of a hat: only an unshakable passion allows you to work the 35 hectares of vineyards, all above 650 meters above sea level.

Their secret seems to be that of having maintained the genuineness and humility of the past four generations.

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