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Elisa and Silvia, Lefiole - Lombardy


“Le fiole” is an affectionate expression which in the Oltrepò language indicates girls. We are Lefiole - Elisa and Silvia - who grew up in Montalto Pavese, one of the crus most important in the Oltrepò Pavese.

We love this land very much and this bond pushed us to do something for it our territory and for its traditions, but also for the people who have allowed these hills, of poignant beauty, to resist passing weather.

We then created two wines. We did it with the grapes that our grandfather already grew and harvested. Today we do it, season after season, together with our father, in the 12s hectares of vineyard. I'm a Pinot Grigio and a Pinot noir: Elivià and Alené, names that arise from the fusion of our names and those of our parents, Angela and Enzo.

It helped us the winemaker Guido Beltrami: we asked him to combine the experience of passed with contemporary production techniques, to obtain wines that best reflect the characteristics of the territory and which at the same time represented us .

Today we can say we succeeded.

Elisa and Silvia

Lefiole Elisa and Silvia

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