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De Bacco - Veneto

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We are two brother winemakers at the foot of the Belluno Dolomites. We didn't think of becoming winemakers but the call of our land - hard, steep and rugged - was too strong. So strong as to transform what was little more than a family passion into a real and all-encompassing job.

In 2008 we became owners of our grandfather Pietro's farm, who only owned a 2000 square meter vineyard and produced wine only for the family's pleasure. In that small vineyard there were few vines , they had been there for a while and perhaps they were waiting for us .

Since then we have invested in new systems and today we cultivate 10 hectares of vineyards, having recovered practically unknown native varieties such as Gata, Pavana and Bianchetta to which we have added other vines Merlot, Pinot Noir, Teroldego, Traminer, Manzoni Bianco and Chardonnay. One step after another, in 2011 we inaugurated our cellar.

We believe in the biodiversity that makes Italy great : Bianchetta and Pavana are our varieties and we have no intention of forgetting them. Among other things, they give us the opportunity to produce a unique and strongly characterized wine.

We produce 50,000 bottles a year: a limited number, produced with mostly manual processes, in vineyards sloping on gravelly, limestone conoids, reachable only on foot. We reduce phytosanitary treatments to a minimum and have completely canceled the use of herbicides.

Our yields per hectare are very low , in some experiments we reach 30 quintals per hectare. The plots are all small in size so as not to distort the landscape, concentrated in the municipalities of the Feltrina mountain community, the most suitable area for viticulture in the province of Belluno.

Viticulture in the Feltre area was an important source of livelihood until the early twentieth century, but over the years the cultivation of vines was abandoned due to wars, emigration and industrialization.

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But we like challenges, just as we like the idea of ​​not having invented anything . With perseverance and dedication we are recovering what had been lost, putting an end to the abandonment of our splendid Dolomite territory. Our products are the expression of a unique territory with extreme cultivation characteristics from which very personal and unrepeatable wines are born.

Our wine is exactly who we are. It breaks the mold , it is not comparable to other wines, it does not follow fashions or stereotypes but goes straight on its own path, to rediscover the glory of the past. At the first sip it gives the flavor and nuances of a difficult land.

Marco and Valentina De Bacco

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