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Davide, Nico and Francesca Dal Cero - Veneto

Davide, Nico, Francesca Dal Cero
Our story begins in 1934, in the province of Verona, when Augusto Dal Cero purchased particular land in Roncà, above Crocetta and Calvarina, two extinct volcanoes. To obtain that land, so strongly desired, he had to sell another one. Augusto knows that hard work awaits him on that sloping land but he is not the type to be scared if he has to work hard. His instinct tells him that if he clears the wooded land on the top of the volcanoes and plants a vineyard there he will be able to benefit from very rich land. The outbreak of the Second World War blocked his plans and forced him to leave as a soldier; he returns after almost five years, destroyed but fortunately alive. And he starts from scratch to get the farm back on its feet. Nothing and no one can stop a man who has a dream in his head : he expands the areas destined for vineyards reaching the top of the volcanoes; it only stops when it is at the top and beyond there are only clouds. When Augusto dies, the two sons Dario and Giuseppe are still very young, but it is up to them to broaden the horizon of their father's dream: the land of the Roncà estate dedicated to vines grows progressively but at the beginning of the 80s, Dario and Giuseppe they turn their attention to Tuscany, to Cortona: here they decide to dedicate themselves to the production of great red wines. They purchase the Montecchiesi Estate and decide to plant new vineyard varieties in addition to the existing Sangiovese. In recent times we have added a third estate, in Valpolicella, an operation carried out by the third generation of the Dal Cero family (Davide, Nico and Francesca). It is the most tangible sign of the continuity of our family's work: respect for the values ​​of the land, sustainability, direct relationship with the soil and its qualities. Today, we three brothers are carrying forward the family philosophy, which since its origins has been to understand wine as a way to welcome people, to communicate through the senses, with great simplicity. This idea of ​​simplicity starts from the earth, which we keep balanced in a natural way, with all its organisms, to obtain high quality grapes from healthy vines and wines each with their own unique voice . We are committed every day to achieving all this, united in our passion for the land and for the work we do first hand. Davide, Nico, Francesca

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