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Crodarossa - Veneto

Crodarossa - Veneto

Our company is located in the village of Colderù, in Lentiai in a green corner of uncontaminated nature on the slopes of the Belluno Prealps.

Our challenge was to bring back to the magnificent scenery of this lush territory the ancient tradition of viticulture which unfortunately has been lost over the years due to emigration, which led to the abandonment of agriculture.

The name Crodarossa owes its origin to the typical red color of the mother rock that characterizes the stratigraphy of the lands of the Prealps, called "Croda" in dialect. We grow our vineyards at altitude , and to plant the vineyard we had to level the soil and crush 60-70 cm of rock, to create the optimal conditions for the development of the vine.

Ours is a "green" project that focuses on care and respect for the ecosystem. We work a lot with PIWI varieties, resistant vines, the result of crossing European and American vines: thus, we drastically reduce phytosanitary treatments, leaving room for those few permitted by the organic method. Ours is an alternative viticulture , carried out without the use of herbicides and chemical principles. This allows us to offer genuine and healthy wines.

Passion, care and respect are the values ​​that move us in all our choices, from the largest to the smallest and most daily ones.

Paolo Remini

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