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Claudio Mariotto - Piedmont

Vini Claudio Mariotto

I run the company together with my partner Rossana, my brother Mauro and my mother Piera. On the Tortona hills, in Vho, my family cultivates 30 hectares of vineyards, in the municipalities of Tortona and Sarezzano, and has done so since 1920.

The life daily contact with the vineyard, the cellar techniques and the care with which we follow every phase of the production process (from the ripening of the grapes to refinement of the best batches in barrel) guarantee our wines a high quality standard. To satisfy a market that is increasingly attentive to quality, we select the vines and grow them in the most suitable soil, in hill, where the quality of the grapes is decidedly superior. All this is there allows us to offer connoisseurs a complete choice of the best wines Tortona Hills.

From the end of nineties we grow Timorasso and we vinify the grapes with ever-increasing passion and a lot of satisfaction . This native vine has only been recovered in recent times and we we bet, using it to produce a great white wine personality. Our Timorasso is a beautiful straw yellow, clear and very clear. The aromas are composed and intense, all played on floral tones and fresh and mineral references. In the mouth it is fresh, tasty, pleasant and frank, balanced and lively in development.

The objective of our daily commitment is to have Timorasso included in the best wine lists, not as a "rare beast" but as a great ambassador of territoriality and authenticity, personality and culture, to be offered to the attentive consumer .

Claudio Mariotto

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