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Chapel of Sant'Andrea - Tuscany

Cappella Sant'Andrea - Toscana

Planting a vineyard is like making a marriage with the earth, it is a gesture of great hope. It means stipulating an alliance with a piece of land, affirming that there, in that precise place, you want to live, that you take the time to wait there - and nowhere else - for the fruits of your work. We did it at Cappella Sant'Andrea.

Water comes from the sky to quench the thirst of the vineyards, and the sun shines in the sky, turning the bunches of Vernaccia golden. And then the moon and the stars mark the steps of our work in the vineyard and in the cellar.

But from heaven also comes the gaze of our loved ones who preceded us in loving the land and who left us important seeds: the passion for wine, the humility to become small in front of the wonders of nature.

We believe in the need to respect natural balances , which is why we are organic. There is no quality viticulture that is not territorial viticulture. Accompanying the grapes on the journey to becoming wine means being custodians of an ancient art that interprets a place and its traditions, a vintage and a grape variety, and makes it a document: a bottle of wine capable of photographing all this beauty and preserve it for years, so much so that it becomes culture.

We strive every day to keep alive the artisanal dimension of work that keeps man in direct contact with the pulse of nature. We try to find useful technologies for the vineyard and for our work as winemakers, we don't design vineyards for machines.

The concrete dimension of manual work is accompanied by a different, more spiritual dimension, because we feel part of a large and superior agricultural organism. This is why we have reintroduced animals into the company, we make compost and we do our utmost to increase the vitality of the soil. The workforce is entirely corporate, including the grape harvest, which is the harvest festival and the meeting between different generations that keeps the tradition alive.

Flavia and Francesco

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