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Luigi Maffini Cellars - Campania

Cantina Luigi Maffini cilento

Our adventure began in the early 70s when my father, as a hobby, decided to plant the first vineyard on the family property in Castellabate: I was a child but I still remember the euphoria of the first harvest in the Maffini house...

At the beginning of the 90s, with a degree in agricultural sciences and a specialization in oenology, I decided to get involved, pulling all my dreams out of the drawer. Immediately, I shared those dreams with my wife Raffaella, determined and tenacious as only women can be . Twenty-five years ago we planned the birth of our then very small company, outlining the guidelines of a project that we carried out with stubbornness. Making wine is everything for us : it means living among the vineyards and observing the rhythm of nature, letting it guide you, and always doing so while looking to the future.

Cilento has won us over with its harsh and wild character, with its unforgettable colors and flavors and with its silence, so far from anything else. The expressive power of our land animates our work , in the desire to protect it and make it enter our wines. The earth is truly at the center of our choices: this is the reason for organic management, the attention to environmental sustainability, the search to harmonize our actions with the nature that surrounds us.

maffini winery

All this allows our wines to authentically express their connection with the territory. They are wines that we thought about and desired, and each one expresses a piece of our life . Today, we observe them with shy eyes and with the awareness that they are unique and true.

I believe that the wine of the future will have to accommodate all the possibilities given by scientific knowledge, working to enhance its uniqueness, the characteristics of the individual territories and the craftsmanship that have made it great.

Luigi and Raffaella

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