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Stefanoni winery - Lazio

Stefano e Francesco Stefanoni

The history of our cellar begins at the beginning of the 1950s and is then handed down from father to son. Our line is and will always be that of improving the quality while maintaining the typical characteristics of our wines, enhancing the native vines of our land.

I started pursuing this passion family in the nineties, looking for new solutions to raise quality of production. We have always cultivated i native vines and we have never converted to international ones. One of the most important in the area is the cultivated Roscetto (yellow Trebbiano). in an experimental vineyard planted in collaboration with the University of Perugia. From this grape comes Colle de' Poggeri Roscetto, our wine points because it fully represents the company and this territory. It's a wine in continuous evolution, which we care a lot about. In general, we like to weigh that i our wines are special not only because they come from plants they grow on a special land but also because they rest within the same land, in the cellar dug in the heart of the town.

In recent years we have been bottling Roscetto in purity even in the sparkling version, made with the desire to create a niche product: 2500 bottles per year, strictly classic method, 24 months of rest in our historic cellar.

My son Francesco , who is now 28 years old , joined the company in 2011, in love with the countryside and every aspect of this difficult job. What began as a commitment to the family, aware that someone before him had struggled to create something that would last over time has become a passion (almost an obsession...), a continuous search to do better and better, in small steps , without ever losing his curiosity, the same one that over time led him to make some mistakes but which many times made him and me proud and satisfied.

We want to take the company forward in a way serious, without ever falling into compromise, into the bad habits of the road faster. My son doesn't hope to grow the company enormously but dreams of keeping it small and always being there fully participating in the birth of their wine . He wants to continue working the earth with respect for those close to us and those who will come after us.

Stefano Stefanoni, with his son Francesco

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