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Luigi Giusti winery - Marche

Luigi Giusti

My father Luigi and I had the dream of making the hills of Montignano - in the province of Ancona - a special place, which could bear witness to the strong bond that united us with our land and vineyards. Today I carry on the project together with my wife Elena, and our wines are dedicated to the stubbornness and big heart of Luigino Giusti.

We cultivate 13 hectares of DOC Lacrima di Morro d'Alba vineyards on our land.

The vineyards have an excellent southern exposure on a hillside ideal for growing vines. We have always vinified pure grapes from the ancient native Lacrima di Morro d'Alba vine, a variety that had risked disappearing and instead today is an exceptional typicality of the Marche. The Lacrima di Morro DOC is authorized in the territory of only 6 small municipalities in the province and represents the heart of all our production.

We have been working for years in compliance with the rules of organic farming and our 2020 production will be fully certified. All operations in the vineyard are carried out manually including the harvest which takes place at the end of August and September with subsequent selection steps for the selection of the bunches based on the level of ripeness achieved.

To best guarantee the quality of our grapes we have created a new cellar in the center of the vineyards and here we carry out the winemaking without using selected yeasts .

We also produce a version of Lacrima without added sulphites and also still and sparkling rosés from the same grape variety.

Giovanni Giusti

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