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Christian Bellei - Emilia Romagna

Christian Bellei - Emilia Romagna

Cellar of Volta was born thanks to the support of a group of friends - very passionate - who they encouraged me to renovate the family cellar, which has been going on for four years generations produces wine in Bomporto, Modena.

The passion for I have breathed wine since I was a child, together with education on taste passed on to me by my father Giuseppe. Over time I added an extraordinary experience in sparkling wine making and an excellent palate.

I chose to produce Lambrusco di Sorbara with the classic method , to obtain a product of high quality and great finesse. In the Riccò di Serramazzoni vineyard, on the Modena hills, we grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay: from those grapes we produce quality sparkling wines from the "IL MATTAGLIO" range: two still wines and two pure vintage reserves, two brut sparkling wines and a zero dosage sparkling wine .

These wines are the result of extreme research and attention to every single detail: the fruit of a truly boundless passion .

Christian Bellei

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