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Benedetta and Marco Margoni Dalle Ore - Veneto

Cantina Dalle Ore

It all began in 1904 when my great-great-grandfather, well aware of peasant rules, decided to cultivate vines on these splendid hills, in the Lessini mountains. He is the first in the area to combine the principles of quality (planting layout, zoning principle, pruning techniques) with the thousand-year-old tradition of viticulture in this area .

Since 2007 my father has been taking care of the vineyard, always respecting the environment, with the aim of producing a wine that reflects the territory, keeping alive the ancient principles of local agriculture which provide for a constant balance between nature 'wild' and cultivated nature.

At the beginning I was too young to fully understand and appreciate the work of the winemaker, but after years of experiences near and far from my homeland, to which I didn't feel I fully belonged, I made a decision and a year ago I returned. Among these hills, I discovered that the dream, passed down in our family from generation to generation, also belonged to me .

With our work we want to convey not only the original characteristics of the different vines that have been left to us but also to tell a story. We create wines that represent the passion we put into our work in the vineyard every day, and the respect for a land with which we live in harmony. Winemaking follows the same path: minimal intervention possible, only spontaneous fermentations, to allow the typicality of the terroir to be expressed from fruit to bottle and to preserve the unique richness of the soil of our vineyard.

Benedetta, with Marco Margoni Dalle Ore

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