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Cà Rovere - Veneto

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Ours is a family farm on the Berici Hills, in the village of Alonte in the province of Vicenza, immersed in the greenery of dense spontaneous oak and beech woods. The roots of our vines dig deep into the stony earth, finding nourishment in what, 50 million years ago, was the bottom of a prehistoric sea.

Even today the soil produces small fossils and gives its fruits an intense and pleasant flavor and minerality. Our vineyards are 150 meters above sea level and enjoy a warm and dry microclimate, in addition to the natural filtering capabilities of the calcareous soil.

Starting from our grandparents Bruno and Giuditta , who fell in love with these mountains and planted the first vines "among the stones" , the passion for wine involves our entire family. For twenty years we have specialized in the production of Classic Method sparkling wines, from Chardonnay and Garganega , the first among these beautiful hills. The cuvées of our sparkling wines, all vintage, are the work of a skilful assembly. In the cellar dug into the rock, the bottles are stacked by hand for the second fermentation and aging on the yeasts for at least 36 months, up to 70.

ca classic method oak

No one would imagine that right under the cave that houses our bottles being refined, the land expands into a karst cavity where an underground river flows with waterfalls and lakes.

ca oak classic method karst cave

In 30 hectares of vineyards, we dedicate great attention to the Garganega, a native grape of the area, which with notes of bitter almond interprets the most noble sparkling wine tradition by linking it to this land. The vineyards are located in the southernmost part of the Berici Hills, characterized by optimal exposure and good temperature variations. We do not use synthetic chemicals: the work is meticulous and ends with the manual harvest. Only the best grapes can resist the challenge of time of the classic method.

The soil of the Berici Hills is rich in limestone, exploited since the Romans to extract the typical white Berici stone.

Walking through Cà Rovere means encountering lush spontaneous woods alternating with the orderly geometries of rows and dry stone walls, in a succession of evocative panoramas and unexpected glimpses.

Marcella, Marco and Matteo Biasin

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