Borgo dei Posseri – Trentino Alto Adige

Borgo dei Posseri – Trentino Alto Adige

The Borgo dei Posseri property is located on a sunny plateau between the historic town of Ala and the small Dolomites.

Our vineyards are located between 550 and 720 meters above sea level, in mostly flat areas, predominantly exposed to the west. The constant presence of winds coming from the south and north make

This area is an ideal habitat for the cultivation of vines in a non-intensive context. Along the road that crosses the company, farms and summer residences once belonged to the noble Taddei family of Ala. Until the beginning of the last century the farm was inhabited by numerous families of sharecroppers.

After years of abandonment, a fortuitous coincidence led to the rediscovery of this magical place, populated with ruined buildings, among fields invaded by woods and brambles. We three friends have undertaken a daring project: to restore this corner of Trentino surrounded by mountains to its former glory; a place with an incredible view of the Adige Valley. And do it by producing a wine capable of reflecting its uniqueness.

Our wines are made drawing on the Trentino tradition, reinterpreted so that the natural environment can be read within them. We create them respecting the land and the vine, in an environment characterized by an uncontaminated territory. “Pure” air and light, ventilation help the health of our vineyards and the large temperature range enhances the aromatic content of our grapes.

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The production orientation is to enhance the environmental variability that only our mountain territory can give us (morphology, exposure, position, origin and characteristics of the land) through a series of vine-environment pairings capable of leading to the production of wines with a marked personality.

With our Borgo dei Posseri we have managed to establish ourselves as a reality of excellence in wine production, where we have also re-established the original spirit of hospitality of this place, transforming the cellar into a unique location.

Maria Marangoni, Massimo De Alessandri and Martin Mainenti

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