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Barbara and Mirco Mariotti - Emilia Romagna

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Since 1976 our father Giorgio has dedicated himself to wine with passion and opened the La Bottega del Vino Wine Center in Argenta (FE), the only wine analysis and consultancy laboratory in the Province of Ferrara. It is by analyzing the wines of the area that one realizes the typical nature of the sandy soils of the Po Delta and their "non-phylloxera" characteristics: from there the study process for the recognition of the DOC Bosco Eliceo begins, which lasts about ten years and ends in 1989.

To safeguard the work done up to that point, my sister Barbara and I joined our father to also start the production activity in 1998, transforming our grapes grown on farms saved from clearing , because after the reconversion of the agricultural sector of the nineties, the vineyards in the province of Ferrara went from 8,000 hectares in 1976 to the current 400.

We therefore created the Fondo Luogaccio in San Giuseppe di Comacchio, a "free-standing" vineyard, on the edge of the Natura 2000 Duna della Puia site.

Over the years our attention has focused on the Fortana red vine, which has always been present in the area and has unique characteristics, highlighted above all in sparkling and sparkling wines.

The sandy soil, the centenary plants, the proximity of the sea and its breezes, the salt wedge, give our wines a distinctive character, which year after year we try to enhance while respecting a territory that has always been balanced between land and water.

Barbara and Mirco Mariotti

wines of the sands

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