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Baglio Bonsignore - Sicily

Baglio Bonsignore

“Be careful wishing for something because you might end up getting it!” This is how I communicated to Debora, my life partner, that I had decided to do what at the time seemed almost madness: buy an estate in the countryside of Naro (AG), complete with an 18th century farmhouse, planted vineyards and a small lake. . This is how a new story begins for us made of love, passion, authentic values ​​and... wine!

The dream of Baglio Bonsignore

Before that moment we lived in a small villa in the province of Caltanissetta, with our three wonderful sons, born a short distance from each other.

Mine is the story of a company manager with a deep passion for food and wine and the dream of creating a refined place where I can welcome my guests and let them taste the excellence of Sicily.

Debora worked for more than twenty years in a winery, where she gained great expertise and the desire to have her own cellar to create and produce her idea of ​​wine.

When we first visited this property for sale, we fell in love with it and, by purchasing it, we began to make our dreams come true. It was a leap into the dark, accompanied by many sacrifices: the house to be sold, the complex restoration of the ancient structure of the estate, the cultivation of the vineyards and the production to be started, the old job to maintain and develop, the children to follow... .

But with tenacity and thanks to the precious contribution of Tonino Guzzo - a highly experienced and capable winemaker - we quickly started the Baglio Bonsignore company and our wines, produced with care and dedication, have obtained a rapid and convinced consensus among winelovers and industry experts.

The stages, in short, were these: after the 2016 purchase, we took over the existing vineyard. From the three cultivated varietals (Nero d'Avola, Syrah and Grillo), the first harvest was carried out already in September of that year, done by hand in boxes. The yield of 40 quintals of grapes per hectare made it possible to obtain the first label, Il Cubburo 2016 , a blend of Nero d'Avola and Syrah. In the same harvest we started the conversion to organic.

The activity of Tonino Guzzo, one of the best winemakers in Sicily, who combines technical skills with great love and profound knowledge of this territory, from the soil to the climate, was decisive in our choices and in the results obtained.

In 2017 we produced the company's other two labels: IO Nero d'Avola and OI Grillo .

In May 2019 we obtained the organic cultivation system certification. In the same year we started the renovation of the eighteenth-century building, which is still underway and at the end of which we will obtain the barrel cellar, the tasting room and six rooms for charming hospitality.

In the meantime we participate in numerous events to make our wines known, receiving very positive approvals and evaluations. Then, in November, comes the great satisfaction of winning 2 medals at the most prestigious wine competition in the world, the CONCOURS MONDIAL DE BRUXELLES 2019, in the section dedicated to Sicilian wines:

• Gold medal OI Bianco 2018 Sicilia Doc – Still wine category – White

• Silver medal IO Nero d'Avola 2017 Sicilia Doc – Still wine category – Red

In 2020, the year in which we should have started many new projects, the pandemic also turned our plans upside down. But we did not lose heart, inaugurating the e-shop within the website and activating a series of new channels to continue to grow this dream.

The wines of Baglio Bonsignore

OI – Grillo, in selection

Surprising freshness and a bouquet that ranges from exotic fruits (including papaya), to toasted almonds and a hint of honey. When tasted, it plays between freshness and elegant structure, with a mineral vein and its creamy freshness and flavor. Long fresh finish.

“Oi” in Sicilian dialect means “today”. For us, OI is the moment, the moment, everyday life, the present. A pleasant wine, simple and immediate but also rich in nuances and substance. An invitation to the Latin "carpe diem", to enjoy the present without waiting for the future to be happy.

CUBBÙRO – Nero d'Avola and Syrah

Intense and deep garnet red colour, refined and fruity bouquet : fresh aromas of cranberries, currants and cherries combine with delicate notes of liquorice and chocolate. Soft and velvety tannins. Fresh and spicy structure, youthful elegance and a lot of charm combined with the mineral and stimulating persistence convince on the palate.

It takes its name from the small dry stone buildings, characteristic of rural Sicily: archaic thòlos huts, built in the areas intended for grazing and used to shelter shepherds. Within our company we have a splendid example from the Neolithic age: the cru wine was dedicated to this.

IO - Nero d'Avola

Bright ruby ​​red, pleasant hints of red berry fruit and spicy aromas. On the palate, gentle tannins and balanced minerality give freshness and long persistence.

The name IO wants to emphasize the personality and dignity of Nero D'avola, an indigenous grape variety typical of this area of ​​Sicily. We are convinced that valorising this territory cannot be separated from valorising Nero d'Avola.

Luigi Bonsignore, with Debora Greco

Baglio Bonsignore Sicily

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