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Anna Maria and Loredana, Mario Rivetti - Piedmont

azienda Mario Rivetti: Anna Maria, Loredana, Giuseppe, Domenico
It can be said that we were born and raised among wines and vines, among the vineyards and the cellar, and this is why, upon the premature death of our father, despite our young age, it was automatic for us to follow in his footsteps and continue the family traction, with love. We took over the reins of the company and still, with the help of our husbands, we personally follow all the production phases, from the cultivation of the vine (respecting the environment!) to the production and direct sale of our products. Our motto is "Wine is made in the vineyard", a production philosophy handed down from generation to generation that we carry forward with passion and dedication. In recent years we have increasingly moved closer to eco-sustainable agriculture, with the reduction of the use of chemical products in favor of agronomic and natural solutions. Our wines are genuine and represent who we are, the love for our land and for our work.

Anna Maria and Loredana

The history of the Mario Rivetti company begins, as per tradition, with a legacy, with the succession of generations and the passing of the helm from father to son. 1930 is the year in which life as winemakers began for the Rivetti family. A small reality, whose lands are where the Barolo crus end and those of Barbaresco begin: a hill just outside Alba, the Bricco Capre, which shares the air, the land, the culture and the unique terroir of the Langhe. From 1968 to find Mario, a courageous winemaker, he began to raise production towards ever greater quality and the marketing of his own wines. A forerunner, he wanted and knew how to become independent by making wine from his own grapes, a bold practice for the time. The corporate imprint was expertly instilled by Mario until his untimely death in 2000, but he found fertile ground in his daughters Anna Maria and Loredana (it must be said!). Thanks to them and the commitment of their husbands Domenico and Giuseppe, today we are witnessing a further acceleration. Such a strong passion for wine translates into the care of every aspect of production according to the rule of "good practice". Environmental sustainability and respect for the vineyard , use of natural fertilizers, minimally invasive winemaking practices. The signature of a united and successful family management. There are 10 hectares of vineyards which offer a small, precious production and sees at the forefront 6 main labels of which three reds from Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto, two whites from Chardonnay and Favorite and Moscato d'Asti. Wines with a soul, everyday, each with its own facets. Perfumes and sips capable of giving that refined, intimate and important aspect, which is typical of fine wines, which excite when tasted .

We have selected the following wines from the Mario Rivetti company, and asked Anna Maria and Loredana to tell us about them:

Dolcetto d'Alba

The wines selected by Sommelier Wine Box are particularly close to our hearts: Dolcetto d'Alba is the traditional wine, the one our grandparents drank at the table after a hard day's work in the countryside. The name can be misleading (many people think of it as a sweet wine), in reality it is a soft, dry wine and accompanies the entire meal.

Nebbiolo d'Alba

Nebbiolo d'Alba is our flagship: an elegant, pleasant and inviting wine. The term nebbiolo seems to derive from "fog", and it is not clear whether to define the appearance of the dark grape or due to the very late ripening of the grapes, which often leads to harvesting in the period of autumn fog. What can I say... enjoy your drink!

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