Azienda Agricola Pisoni

Pisoni Agricultural Company - Trentino Alto Adige

Azienda Agricola Pisoni

Our company is located in the Valle dei Laghi: a wonderful area in the heart of Trentino Alto Adige, at the crossroads between Lake Garda and the Brenta Dolomites, a UNESCO heritage site. Here, our family has been working the vineyard since 1852 respecting nature and local vocations, to produce wines that are the most authentic expression of this land.

The farmers know that the most precious asset is the land, to be respected and preserved for our children as it was handed over to us by our fathers. For this reason, we have always chosen organic and then biodynamic cultivation methods , reducing the use of chemical products to zero and seeking the maximum balance between the vineyard, the soil and the surrounding environment.

In this magical valley, which has always been the cradle of quality viticulture , tradition is a silent energy that gives strength to winemakers from generation to generation. And in our modern cellar there is all the thought of our fathers who wanted it this way, aware that the work of the winemaker moves between tradition and innovation.

We were born in the countryside, among the vineyards and fruit trees. We grew up in Pergolese within a centuries-old peasant history: a history of work and effort, but also of love for a wonderful territory and passion for a noble and ancient profession like that of the winemaker.

We have been making wine for over thirty years, but we experience every harvest with the emotion of kids .

We are lucky enough to live in a special territory, where the vine has found its ideal habitat: we must be able to accompany it in its growth, season after season, until the moment of harvest , a collective ritual that involves the whole family and which repays the effort of a year of work .

Stefano and Marco Pisoni

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