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Montonale Agricultural Company - Lombardy

Azienda Agricola Montonale - Lombardia

It all started in 1911, when great-grandfather Francesco Girelli solitarily tilled two hectares of land in the village of Montonale, in Lugana, to plant Turbiana, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

One hundred years later, we continue the work of our ancestor with new energy and the comfort of a cellar built according to principles of bio-architecture and framed by 30 hectares of vineyards.

The soil that welcomes our vineyards is morainic, rich in minerals, with a powerful vein of clay. Together with the particular microclimate, dominated by the breezes of Lake Garda, manages to give a full and elegant character to our grapes.

The vineyard is entirely owned and operated according to the "Montonale method", ours personal synthesis between integrated and sustainable viticulture.

The main variety is the native Turbiana, from which Lugana Montunal and Orestilla are born, the latter awarded at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2017 as the best single-varietal white in the world . For us it was an epochal recognition, which convinced us even more that from Turbiana can come wines with an identity and long-lived , capable of improving over time to offer the taster expressive and unexpected tertiarizations.

Claudio, Roberto and Valentino Girelli

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