Le Rose Agricultural Company - Lazio

Azienda Agricola Le Rose - Lazio

The Le Rose Agricultural Company was born in 2003 from our deep passion for the products of the earth, with the purchase of a plot purchased in the Velletri countryside. In this small estate facing the sea, among the hills of the Castelli Romani, thanks to the guidance of a courageous winemaker like Luca D'Attoma, we have identified the historic vines capable of enriching and renewing those already present in our area.

To Malvasia Puntinata and Verdicchio we have therefore added the native Cesanese and Fiano, already present in our territory in the past and typical of the volcanic areas, as well as Petit and Gros Manseng, used for the late harvest.

The Le Rose company is a small estate facing the sea, on the slopes of the Lazio volcano, among the hills of the Castelli Romani: here we try to best combine tradition and innovation. The processing and production, from the grape to the bottle, are entirely followed by us with the aim of quality, using technology while respecting the land.

In fact, we grow organically and apply a green approach: from agronomic treatments with seaweed extracts in the vineyard to the use of photovoltaics, from special pruning that helps the vine defend itself to the choice of the lowest possible impact of bottles and packaging.

We work the land with great care: the grubber, which penetrates deeply, moves the earth and cuts the superficial roots of the vine, while the digger breaks up and makes the earth soft. Then, twice a year we pass between the vines with a small plough, to remove the weeds and earth up the earth around the plant to give it protection from heat peaks.

We put just as much attention into the manual harvesting and in the cellar, to create our eight labels. Delicate but rich wines, recognizable and never aggressive. We believe in the pursuit of quality at all costs as a tool for relaunching the Lazio region, which is why we work to create good, healthy and sustainable products that can best represent the forgotten potential of our territory.

Aldo Piccaretta

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