azienda agricola grigoletti

Grigoletti Agricultural Company - Trentino Alto Adige

Azienda Agricola Grigoletti

The company Agricola Grigoletti was born in Nomi, in Vallagarina (TN), from the love of his great-grandfather Federico for the quality wines of the best rural tradition of Trentino. Since 1982, with passion and tenacity, we have been pursuing this noble peasant art of wine.

Let's work every day to an important project: selecting the best land and best clones, halve yields. Everything by hand and in the family.

The wine is born in our countryside, with loving care for every single grape grown slowly in the sun. The right harvest period and measured times maturation of the wine in the cellar gives rise to a special nectar which costs us a lot effort but which we proudly present.

They are born thus the Grigoletti selections: our Chardonnay L'Opera, awarded with the Oscar of the Douja d'Or of Asti; Retiko, a particular fermented white wine in acacia barriques; the Merlot Antica Vigna, awarded as the best Merlot of Italy to MondoMerlot of Aldeno; the Gonzalier blend (Merlot and Cabernet) and the precious ones sweet dessert wines San Martim and Maso Federico.

We welcome with joy the enthusiasts in our cellar, where we have built a very special visit. A journey that starts from the Pink Temple , a treasure chest of hand-worked stones and marbles, guardian of barriques of selected woods, dedicated to the Grigoletti women of yesterday and today, passes through the Basilica del Vino , a splendid stone cellar for refining wines in barriques, up to the Merlot Caveau , an archive that preserves ours best vintages, passing through other spaces where the skilful work of carpenters Trentini allows you to experience the vineyard and winemaking in cellar.

Bruno, Aida, Carmelo, Marica, Federico and Martina Grigoletti

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