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Antonio Valerio, Cantina Campi Valerio - Molise

Campi Valerio

The Campi Valerio company is in the heart of the Sannita Apennines: this is an ancient territory, sheltered from the most aggressive atmospheric agents by the mountains that envelop as if in an embrace and generate a river, the Volturno, which is responsible for the fertility of this land.

This is a place very suitable for agricultural activities, which is just waiting for the hand of man to bear fruit. This place makes us reflect on the value of things and the wine we produce is the mirror of this history, which is absorbed by the roots of the vine and returned to the glass .

These conditions allowed the first human settlement of Europe 700,000 years ago. The men here are rough, tenacious and stubborn, they work with a sense of sacrifice to be rewarded by the product of the land. They are people who have never stopped dreaming. And this ancient dream still lasts today.

My family has peasant origins and has based its life on agriculture: we have always had a small vineyard but in 2004 we decided to embark on a real journey in the world of wine, up to the reality we are today. Our dream was to tell the story of a people and their land through wine.

Our field is made up of vegetable gardens, vines and olive trees. It is not just a piece of land but a place that refers to an ancient history: the field gave food to all those who lived there, it created and transmitted values. It takes the soul to lead the field , it's not enough to hoe it...

Wine, here in Molise, is capable of aging. Our grapes have unique characteristics: they are rough, stubborn and tenacious like the people who grow them, and this roughness must be softened by time. You can't drink our wine right away, you have to know how to wait. At that point you discover that it expresses the deepest values ​​of peasant life, patience and giving the right weight to things.

Drinking a wine produced from this land is like drinking all the experiences of these people: it is a spiritual experience.

Antonio Valerio

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