Andrea Eugenio de Castel Terlago, Black Abbot - Trentino Alto Adige

Andrea Eugenio de Castel Terlago
The history of Abate Nero begins at the beginning of the 1970s from the wishes of some friends (including Eugenio de Castel Terlago and Luciano Lunelli, still at the helm of the company today), determined to create special and prestigious bubbles . The first cuvée was assembled almost for fun in 1973. From the first disgorgements (in 1976) it was a success. The company's first headquarters is the cellar of Palazzo de Schulthaus, in the center of Lavis, an evocative place, which soon becomes no longer sufficient as Abate Nero moves from a few thousand bottles in the early years to a more substantial production. Thus, in 1980, the company moved to the San Lazzaro cellar, its current headquarters. The initial challenge is thus transformed into a productive, but still joyful, undertaking. Since the 1990s, Abate Nero has increasingly focused on staying on the yeasts, which is increased year after year. Patience is at home here and the wine rests on the yeasts much longer than usual. A search for very high quality bases began to be refined: in 1994 the first vintage of the “Cuvée dell'Abate” Reserve was bottled and in 2004 the first vintage of the “Domini” Millesimato. This search for quality brings the company great recognition and the history of Abate Nero reaches the present day while maintaining its original character intact. Its paradigm involves strictly artisanal production, respectful of the dictates of classic sparkling wine, maximum care of each phase, great slowness. These are the ingredients of Abate Nero's charm. Andrea Eugenio
If we have to name a name called to represent the Classic Method in Italy this is certainly the Trento Doc: subsoils rich in "raw materials" very important for the vine, the mountains and the altitude, the exposures and much more paint a perfect picture. Abate Nero was born in this Alpine context and among its main characteristics it has the long refinements on the yeasts of the classic methods. The results are all in the glass: wines that are profound and very fresh at the same time. The history of Abate Nero starts from the two founding partners, who still today, after over 40 years of activity, are the soul of the company; They were recently joined by their children Andrea Eugenio de Castel Terlago and Roberta Lunelli, who have the task of collecting their parents' legacy and carrying forward what - from 1973 onwards - is, as well as a job, a great passion that two families have it in common. The company reaches a production of around 50/60,000 bottles a year and is respectful of the dictates of classic sparkling wine: therefore maximum attention to every phase, starting from the choice of yeasts and the blending of the base cuvées , which will allow the wine to refermentate very slowly in the bottle, transform into Abate Nero and give endless emotions in the mouth. Abate Nero's wine rests on the yeasts for secondary fermentation much longer than usual. And then, the great charm of Abate Nero also lies in the fact that each phase is manual , to guarantee direct control of every single bottle. In the May expert wine box we have selected the Abate Nero Brut .

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