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Alfio Nicolodi - Trentino Alto Adige

Alfio Nicolodi cantina Trentino

We are in Cembra, Trentino, in the historic district of Carraia: the company was founded by my grandfather Antonio at the beginning of the twentieth century. Ours is a micro-production that is around 35,000 bottles in total per year, a number that varies based on the vintage.

I put my soul into producing my wine . I took the reins of the company in 1985. At that point, I decided to change the systems in the vineyard, dedicating renewed attention to winemaking and the selection of vines, to obtain increasingly better wines.

Among other things, in 1985 I made a Classic Method with a friend, almost for fun, with the very rare white Lagarino, and I kept it on the yeasts for 15 years. From the poorest grapes in the entire Val di Cembra , a vine of such profoundly peasant origin, an incredible wine has emerged , which we continue to produce today.

For over twenty years I have been very involved in a project to reintegrate this and other historic vines of the Val di Cembra, to combat their extinction and enhance their value. It is a long job of careful recovery of the historic grapes of this beautiful valley, which is slowly bringing great satisfaction.

Alfio Nicolodi

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