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Alessandro Bonsegna - Puglia

Alessandro Bonsegna

Our company was founded in Nardò by Primo Michele Bonsegna, my father.

In 1991 I have inherited from him, together with the passion for a job that is both tiring and full of satisfaction .

Our vineyard it extends across the historic districts of Cenate Vecchie, Carignano, Nucci and Hope; many of our vineyards are close to the beautiful protected area of the Portoselvaggio Natural Park. The cellar, however, is in the center of Nardò, in an early twentieth century building.

Forever we grow with respect for nature and plants, limiting to the minimum fertilizers and pesticides: this is why our wines are deeply linked to territory and the Nereto countryside.

Since 2007 I have dedicated a wine to my father, Primo (primitivo and negroamaro grapes) which we refine in small wood: it is made to remember his dedication to this work and will only be released in the best years , those that allow it.

Alessandro Bonsegna

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