Alberto Paltrinieri - Emilia Romagna

Alberto Paltrinieri
When I finished my studies my father asked me what I wanted to do in life. I replied that I wanted to keep alive the tradition of our family's work, the one that grandfather Achille had started in 1926 and which he and my mother had now managed for 40 years. In 1998, with my wife Barbara, I started running the winery, betting on the production of the first pure Sorbara. Since then I have never stopped: I take care of and vinify 17 hectares of vineyards in the historic Cristo di Sorbara area, the thinnest extension of land between the Secchia and the Panaro, the two rivers that embrace the province of Modena. Alberto
Yes, we are talking about the planet of sorbara and salamino, two of the many varieties of Lambrusco: one of its greatest interpreters is Paltrinieri himself, who has dedicated himself to the cultivation of this variety for three generations. The winery's activity began in the 1920s when Achille, an enterprising pharmaceutical chemist from the town, built the first part of the winery , which was then expanded and developed by his son Gianfranco . His nephew Alberto runs it today together with his wife, in an extraordinary combination of ancient wisdom and modern technologies. From the Paltrinieri winery we have selected Solco : semi-dry sparkling Lambrusco dell'Emilia IGT.

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